A Room of A Writer

writer's room

Photograph: Eamonn McCabe Eamonn McCabe/Guardian

His house, a room, was on the second floor. A rest room outside. Residents on the story share it. Next door, it’s said a woman lived. For the past 2 weeks, he could not see and hear her. She was an illegal alien.

Two windows in his room. A bookshelf. A few books and classical music CDs on it. A Panasonic mini audio system. Very old. Two desks. Facing each other diagonally. A novel ‘Lolita’ and the Robert Mckee’s book ‘Story’ on one desk. Serious desk. Magazines on the other. Light desk.

In the corner, a camp bed. Beside it, a lap top. It’s a small and individual theater. The computer attached to a two-wheels stand.  He can watch movies as you see the ceiling light lying on the bed. For 24 hours without neck pain. He was proud of his invention.

Memos covering the walls. Most of them are B5. He keeps 4 black binders. Each covers 800 pages. Splendid collections of sentences.

Outside one of the windows, leaves were falling from cherry trees and flowing on a creek. He helped me not to quit writing.

It’s the beautiful spring.


Published by

Keanu Lee

I love to write and hate to. My way is to restore missing pages. I practice to write short stories in English. Here is a part of it. I wish I keep being serious :)

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